Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Assange Complaint: Wikipedia Photo of Him Is "Unusual for a Public Figure"

Need of a Creative Commons pic to head this piece lead me to discover this nugget here and here:

The person who is allegedly Assange is referring to a version of this public domain photo, which had been cropped into a head shot by other Creative Commons contributors:
File:26C3 Assange DomscheitBerg.jpg

Oh, my. It's unclear how this December 2009 photo "undermines his message." Is his expression not dour and serious enough? Does he fail to evoke James Bond to the extent he wishes to?  I wondered.

Color me disappointed. Apparently, he believed this poorly lit wind-swept outdoor pic was a depiction more "suitable to [his] public role."

File:Julian Assange full.jpg

If this request actually came from Assange, it simply underlines just how much his efforts are driven by a huge ego and thirst for fame, rather than anything remotely resembling altruistic intent. If it didn't come from him, one wonders how it's managed to remain up on Wikipedia, attributed as his direct contribution, for more than six years now.

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