Thursday, December 31, 2015

Happy New Year to You! On to 2016!

Fire allows us to be forged into stronger (and shinier!) instruments / Hans Splinter, CC BY-ND 2.0

A lot (I mean, A LOT) of my friends seem to be *really* mad at 2015. And I've definitely given a thumbs up to more than a few of the "Goodbye, and good riddance, 2015, ya bastard!" posts that have come across my Facebook feed the last few days.
I've been through some major life changes this year. And sure, the end of a five-year relationship, the dissolution of my family unit, and renting out part of my ex's house while I shake the trees seeking gainful employment are "not my favorite." Coming in after several extremely, mind-bogglingly, difficult years – to put it mildly – these developments were not initially welcome.
But 2015 has had some magical moments, too. I’ve continued rediscovering my voice and my passion for writing, which has been extremely rewarding. The wonder of modern medicine (and ACA – thanks, Obama!) have helped thoroughly tame a couple of chronic medical conditions that have bedeviled me for most of my life. 2015 has been a year of rebuilding my sense of competence and my self-confidence. At this exact moment in time, I feel so much better – and more at peace – than I have in years, perhaps ever.

2015 has also brought me deeper relationships with some in my family and friends old, new, and rediscovered. And much of this is in large part *thanks* to the more difficult aspects of the year. Many people have reached out to offer encouragement and care, and have given me the opportunity to return the kindness. In 2015, I’ve discovered that I have more “family” and kindred spirits than I ever thought possible (even if we sometimes disagree on political issues. ;) ) Those moments of genuine, honest, vulnerable communication, cheerleading, and kinship have been food for my soul. They have been magical.

All of these developments feel like they mark a major turning point in my life’s path, and a turn for the better. So thank you, 2015, for the pain you brought. Because much of it was necessary to jump start a very positive growth process, one I hope will continue into 2016, which feels like it’s *already* shaping up to be phenomenal.
So bon voyage, 2015! You won’t exactly be missed, but you will be appreciated.

Happy New Year, dear reader, and much love to you and yours!

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