Friday, October 30, 2015

Radical Centrist is Moving!

Screen shot of the new Radical Centrist!

Now when you type in, you'll find a spiffier, newly-designed site!  

The new site IS still a work in progress, so please be gentle in your critique.  =)  Don't worry about bringing formatting issues to my attention yet.  Radical Centrist is a one-person labor of love, so it's just me and email-based Wix and Google customer support trying to sort out issues.

And it's just me handling site and post page design and porting over old posts & formatting them properly (which is turning out to be a bit more laborious than I'd hoped.)

The new site will have some great new features:

More visually pleasing and easily navigated.

2) Allows incorporation of advertising while blocking ads I don't think my readers want (sorry, if you're looking for get-rich-quick schemes or a side of T&A with your news analysis and commentary, you won't find it at Radical Centrist - maybe try The Daily Caller, The Washington Times, or Politics USA instead.) 

3) Disqus commenting is now incorporated - you can log-in to comment using your Twitter or Facebook account!

4) Twitter feed integrated, too!

So pardon the dust while we remodel.  During the transition, older pieces will continue to be available here at the original blogspot address.  And as always, I hope you enjoy what you find at Radical Centrist - or at least find it thought provoking, [mostly] substantive, and occasionally entertaining.    

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