Thursday, September 3, 2015

Fellow Liberals, Please Stop The Casual Anti-Semitism: "Wall of Shame" Edition

Dear Liberal Friends - especially my fellow progressive Christians,

I was disappointed to see some of you passing this lovely infographic around Facebook today (slightly modified, below.)

We’re supposed to care about human rights, human dignity, and compassion.  We're supposed to oppose the spread of hateful propaganda.  Yes?
Anti-Semitic infographic appropriately categorized by

So Jewish Israelis are "ruthless savages"?  Who are "inflicted [sic] with an insatiable greed"? 

Friends, you do realize that these are *ancient* Anti-Semitic tropes, don't you?  And that you're now helping pass them around, and giving them new currency, under the pretense of "humanitarian concern"?

If you are a liberal American and feel compelled to comment on the Israeli/Palestinian question, please do the following first:

1.  Read at least some histories of the region, and the modern Israeli State, that WEREN’T authored by anti-Israel propagandists - and that includes the folks who claim they're "just" Pro-Palestinian.  Plenty of folks who don’t really give a damn about the Palestinians use the “Pro-Palestinian” mantel to further their own Anti-Israel (and often, Anti-Semitic) agendas.  See: The Republic of Iran – Leadership.

2. Thoroughly acquaint yourself with the history of Anti-Semitic propaganda, SO YOU CAN AVOID SPREADING IT YOURSELF IN THE FUTURE.

Thanks for your time.

PS:  The infographic originated at the Facebook group "Americans Against Genocide in Gaza," which is a repository for an unbelievable volume of crazy Anti-Semitic hatred, propaganda, and conspiratorial nonsense ranging from Jews being responsible for 9/11 to Jews supposedly attacking a US Naval ship and killing 247 people.  The group is appalling, and it has 18,000+ members.  You can confirm the authenticity of the connection here.

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