Friday, August 28, 2015

New Name, New Domain for the Site fka "Gimme Proof"

Finally - a domain name compatible with what this site was originally going to be called!

As shown above, the site's NEW name is Radical Centrist.  Get here by typing (with or without the triple w) into your browser's handy address bar.  You can also still get here through the old gimmeproof.blogspot address, at least for the time being.

Others own unused urls with Radical Centrist in 'em, including one that hasn't been active since 2006.  There's also a questionable site with a somewhat similar address.  Webroot has me scared to check more closely, so I'm assuming whatever's going on over there isn't on the level.  Just remember that this site's extension is .us, and you'll be fine.

Why "Radical Centrist"?  This 2010 column by Matthew Miller describes well the spirit animating this site, even if some policy positions he hints at aren't shared.

A post is coming soon to explain the site's name in greater detail.  It does have something to do with being leftist on some things and more conservative on others, and not being quick to assume the worst about folks with differing views.   It also has to do with some partisans' assumption that centrists are all craven political opportunists completely lacking in principle.

But more on that later.  Site redesign is also likely to be ongoing, so don't be thrown if things look different the next time you check it out.  For now, thanks for visiting, and enjoy!

UPDATE: The process of porting over to a new domain name resulted in loss of my old Google+ +1 endorsements.  So if you're new here, rest assured that the occasional person did +1 my earlier posts.  =)

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