Thursday, August 27, 2015

Bounty Offered for Evidence That Trump's Employed Undocumented Labor

It may not be much of a bounty.  But I'm not Lars Larson or Mitt Romney - I don't have $10,000 to put on the line, particularly when I strongly suspect that the proof is out there, in myriad locations. 

So here it is:

I'll give a big kiss on the cheek to the first person who comes up with *credible* documentary or testimonial evidence that undocumented labor has been substantially involved with building or maintaining any US "Trump" property (whether his project, or a project he merely licensed the use of his name to.) 

Given the frequency with which we see crews of folks with limited to no English proficiency on construction sites, on landscaping crews, in restaurant kitchens, and on hotel housekeeping staffs, the odds that Trump has been personally enriched through the use of low-cost undocumented labor seems very, very good.  And given the frequency with which this has occurred in the past 15 or so years, it seems that someone who has Mr. Trump's passionate concern about illegal immigration would have ensured that his management and subcontractors ran each and every person employed through E-Verify for at least, what, the past decade?

It doesn't need to be proven that he personally, knowingly hired undocumented work crews.  It merely needs to be shown that he knew - or reasonably should have known - that his projects (or projects he rented his name to) were employing significant numbers of undocumented workers. 

If he took a "Don't ask, Don't tell" approach, that would indicate that his passion for halting illegal immigration is, like many of his other positions, mostly opportunistic pandering.

Folks who can provide insight would include those who lived or worked near Trump projects at the building/development stage, folks who've spent a lot of time at Trump resorts, subcontractors who lost a bid for a Trump project to another sub that was notorious for employing undocumented labor, or folks who worked for any of these who have since retired or otherwise moved on.

If the Bush campaign doesn't already have a dozen opposition researchers out working on scaring up this very evidence, Jeb needs new management.  But I'll put this out there, even with the risk that I might end up having to smooch a Bushie.

C'mon, investigative journalists - investigate.

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