Saturday, June 27, 2015

To Rainbow-ify, or Not to Rainbow-ify, That Is the Question

I have a tendency to overthink things.  Most things.  Even seemingly minor things, like whether or not to put my Facebook pic through a rainbow-ification app to celebrate Friday's Supreme Court decision.

I'm a straight woman.  I've had, at best, had a marginal connection to the LGBT rights movement - participating in the occasional Pride parade / Pride booth / Welcoming Congregations concert / rights victory celebration isn't exactly heavy lifting.  So I grappled over whether to follow a number of my friends and rainbow-ify my Facebook profile pic.  

Would it smack of smug self-satisfaction (See?  I'm such a good liberal and generous spirit.  Yay me!  Oh, and nya nya nya nya nya nya "traditional values" people!)?  

Would it help - even a microscopic bit, as part of a sea of rainbow-ified profile pics - further bolster the spirit of LGBT folks I know, for whom Friday's Supreme Court victory was more deeply personal?  

Or would it maybe even help provide another face of ally-ship for less liberal folks who know me, [hopefully] think I'm a decent person, and weren't as enthusiastic about the Supreme Court decision yesterday?

On the other side of all of that [okay, somewhat neurotic] hyper-analysis, it seemed that if there was even a remote possibility that the simple act might give someone else an inkling of joy, why wouldn't I do it? 

But a caveat had to be put out there first - I'm not gloating, I'm not trying to prove I'm a good liberal, and I'm certainly not celebrating having done anything all that special or important myself.  I'm just doing a little something (and a very little something, at that) to show my support.  

Then it was on to the rainbow-ification!

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