Friday, June 26, 2015

Rush Limbaugh Pledges to Bring Decorum to Public Debate

Limbaugh's dedication to uplifting standards / Screenshot Selina Davis

Rush Limbaugh's now decrying the coarsening of debate wrought by the Internet.  He's very concerned about trolling and the "series of sewers [on Twitter] where trolls are ... I mean, endless parades of human debris hang out."  Because of this overarching concern, he's doing his best to help establish 'moral guard rails' for public debate.

No, really.

I heard him say so, right on his very own radio program, just a few mornings ago. (June 24, 2015 show, just around six paragraphs of transcripts, see link above.)

"That's why there's an ongoing effort on this program to establish and maintain what I would -- what's the best way to characterize? Not just cultural norms, but uplifting standards morality and decency, standing for them, representing them, the guardrails of society, if you will."

This, from a man who built his career on ridiculing Prez Clinton's appetite(s) and Hillary Clinton's "cankles."  Who keeps said career going by making fun of Michelle Obama's appearance and nationally trashing a random law student as a "slut" for advocating for access to birth control.  Yep, quite the model of decorum.

What's next? A "proper use of footnotes and citations" movement from Ann Coulter?  The Pope denounces celibate unmarried folks & offers a 21st Century "Sex Tips for Girls"?  Donald Trump denounces the conspicuous consumption of folks in Orange County and offers new guidelines for simpler, more humble living?

You really can't make this stuff up, folks.

Update October 5, 2015:

Read on for assorted evidence of Limbaugh's devotion to providing and maintaining the guardrails of society, if you will - both before and after his declaration.

Recent transcripts where Limbaugh called the First Lady "Moochelle" / Screenshot

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, October 18, 2010 transcript

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, February 23, 2011 transcript

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, January 17, 2014 transcript

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, November 4, 2014 transcript

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, March 17, 2015 transcript

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, July 16, 2015 transcript

Limbaugh on Sandra Fluke, Rush Limbaugh Show transcript, 3/1/12

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, March 26, 2015 transcript

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, March 26, 2015 transcript

Screenshot of Limbaugh's site, August 25, 2009 transcript here

Great job of "uplifting standards of morality and decency" there, Rush.  Your listeners may want to look elsewhere for their moral guardrails.

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